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BLUE GROUP trading

It is a leading fast-growing business that feeds the construction sector in Egypt strongly with the cutting-edge up-to-date reinvented supplies for both civilian and military applications.

As we hit the challenge button, we made long leaps that changed the market in Egypt realistically and significantly, with a very strong effect on the construction industry. 

And undoubtedly, we “keep moving forward” as a one-way strategy of non-return.

As the largest factories in the Far East with high-end manufacturing quality control procedures, BLUE GROUP Trading has established its own production lines, adopting cutting-edge European technologies that ensure the preservation of European quality standards.

Based on the history of Blue Group in the Egyptian market , it has been a reliable long-term partner for communities and customers.

Working closely with our customers has helped us to realistically satisfy their demands.

In reality, BLUE GROUP trading is Egypt’s most reliable and efficient self-sufficiency supplier providing a wide range of products and extensive training and after-sales services with prompt on-site visit and repair on-demand response.

In addition to our challenge to ensure the full customer satisfaction and dignity that each customer will experience and notice realistically. 

We had a clear vision, beginning from the mother country Egypt and spreading to the whole world, and we have been working hard for years to develop advanced and challenging strategies to expand across your world.

We extended to cover the middle of Africa as the next strong and optimistic step, introducing our newest branch in Kenya.

We will definitely have Europe as our new goal to conquer.

Our mission is to change the construction industry’s future by feeding it with our cutting-edge up-to-date re-invented supplies that build new opportunities for civilizations.

  • After More than 10 years of experience in the business of concrete fixing, construction materials and tools in Egypt, we did establish a new branch in Nairobi, Kenya.

    CEO Message( Islam El- Aiddy)
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