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Blue Group At “The Big 5 Construct Kenya” Kenya’s most important construction event of the year.

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After the great success and the big expansion in Kenya, we are proud to attend “The Big 5 Construct Kenya” , Kenya’s most important construction event of the year, where Kenya has brought the construction community to facilitate business and networking opportunities at one time, in one place.

The event is taking place from 24th of November to 26th of November, witnessing the presence of many people from different countries and nationalities, having the same purpose of growing and exploring new opportunities, technologies and products.

We were honored to have our CEO Islam Al Aiddy and his team to welcome the Ambassador Khaled Al Abyad, the Commercial Advisor, the Head of the Economic Office at the Egyptian Embassy in Kenya.

Also we are glad to have the chance to meet the presenter Mona El Eraki at the event.

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Ahmed HosniBlue Group At “The Big 5 Construct Kenya” Kenya’s most important construction event of the year.
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We are announcing that Diager’s concrete drilling tools are back in Egypt through our website.

Diager is a well known French manufacturer for concrete drilling accessories, they have been the leaders of drilling tools in Europe for over 60 years now with the production of 20 million tools & items per year, also a wide range of accessories that are recognized in over 70 countries.

All the products have an implemented policy of being Eco-friendly & continuous development to maintain their quality, they do that by building their own machines for industrial control.

Here in Blue Group, we offer you a variety of Diager’s products from different drills & chisels that work on all sorts of concrete, steel & wood.

For more information about the available products, follow us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bluegrouptrading

Or check our website: https://bluegrouptrading.com/products/

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We have a clear vision, beginning from the mother country Egypt and spreading to the whole world, and we have been working hard for years to develop advanced and challenging strategies to expand across your world.

As the next strong and optimistic step, we expanded to cover the middle of Africa, introducing our sister company BGT now in Kenya.

Kenya is just the start to achieve our upcoming plans to change the future of the construction field. 

We are certainly going to have Europe as our new goal to conquer.Wait for our next destination.

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